Brenda Dunn Kinney


BRENDA DUNN KINNEY is an award-winning growth and turnaround architect and customer evangelist who boasts an impressive history on the delivery side of contact center operations. She is an innovative solution provider in the area of customer service, call center and service desk operations, and customer experience management. Her thought leadership extends to corporate branding, CRM, IT-managed services, contact center product development. An accomplished and trusted advisor, Brenda has fashioned a uniquely impressive suite of solutions that can help mid- to large-sized companies boost customer engagement and transform their cultures.

Known for her analytical and problem-solving skills, Brenda offers prudent counsel and decisive leadership for companies that are positioning for sustainable growth. Throughout her career, she has forged successful partnerships and surrounded herself with teams that address and eliminate organizational pain around customer interactions. Her efforts consistently provide clarity, heighten employee morale, produce business wins, and set benchmarks for future growth. Brenda is also a frequent speaker on contact center and customer experience at industry conferences.

Brenda extends her leadership to the millennial marketplace, helping many young leaders find their true voice and passion in their business life. She provides insight and direction to millennials, giving them a reason, a purpose, and an outcome. For her tireless and selfless work in this area, Brendareceived the 2007 National Business Leader of the Year Award from the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), for which she also served as vice chairwoman of the board. Brenda also served in an advisory role for ic Stars, a nonprofit organization for training upcoming talent in information technology.